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ITRI is the leading American organization thatprovides public international technology assessments and is becoming a keyresource for the international development community.  With sponsorshipfrom most of the Federal research agencies, it has published more than 50technology assessments based on on-site review of research and developmentabroad by distinguished American experts in those fields.  Also, withsupport from the international development community, ITRI assists scientistsand engineers in the newly independent states survive in a free market economyby development of small businesses.  ITRI provides bottleneck resourcessuch as creation of business incubators and technoparks, organization ofmarketing training programs, and Web-based international developmentapplications.  To support these efforts, ITRI conducts research anddevelopment of information technology solutions.


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Loyola College is one ofover 50 Jesuituniversities around the world, some of which date to the sixteenth century.Since its founding in 1854, Loyola College has challenged itself to remaingrounded in a centuries old tradition of Jesuit, liberal arts education, whilecontinually seeking to adapt to changing circumstance. In this balance betweenvalues and the desire to serve the greater community, the College has managedto create itself anew, time and again.

Its International Technology Research Institute (ITRI)contributes to the education, research and service goals of its parentinstitution by conducting programs to:

ITRI is directed by Duane Shelton and houses three divisionsand one office. George Mackiw serves as deputy director, and George Gamota isthe associate director.  The ITRI Development Office, also headed byGeorge Gamota, is charged with economic and information technology development,plus external relations in Ukraine.  The World Technology (WTEC) Division, headed by Geoff Holdridge,conducts international technology assessments with funding from several Federalagencies through a cooperative agreement with the National ScienceFoundation.  The International Business Development (IBD) Division, headed by Bob Margenthaler,operates the Business Incubator Development (BID) Program throughout Ukraine and the Marketing Assistance Program inKharkiv with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development, Peace Corps, IREX, and other donor agencies.  The Technology Transfer (TTEC) Division, headed by Brad Mooney, conductsgeneral research and development for several agencies including the Office ofNaval Research, plus education research grants from the NSF.









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WTEC Division

The mission of the ITRI World Technology (WTEC) Division is to inform scientists,engineers, and policy makers of global trends in science and technology in amanner that is timely, credible, relevant, efficient, and useful. WTEC's roleis central to the government's effort to measure its performance in science andtechnology. As stated by the President and the National Science Foundation, thegoal is to maintain world leadership; the 1993 GPRA Act requires measurementagainst such goals, and the NSTC requires a government wide effort.

Since 1989, WTEC has conducted over 40 multi-agency studiescomparing U.S. efforts to those abroad using a peer review methodology thatsome believe is the best single method of measuring the quality of R&D.Japan is often the leading competitor, and WTEC has conducted many of thepublic technology assessments there.

Studies of international science can also provide many otherbenefits. Thus, WTEC's purpose is not only to evaluate S&T, but also toprovide information on foreign research and development to Americans, and toseek opportunities for appropriate international cooperation in S&T.

Over 300 distinguished scientists have served on ITRI expertpanels, including the current NSF Director and individuals who have served asChief of Naval Research, Chief Scientist of the Air Force, Under Secretary ofCommerce for Technology; Associate Administrator of NASA; IBM's senior vicepresident for research, and provosts of Rensselaer and the University ofCalifornia System. The findings are clearly reaching a wide audience: over 500other Web sites have links to the ITRI Web site that distributes reports, andover 5000 different Web sites visit the ITRI site per week. WTEC chairs havepresented study results to members of the U.S. Senate, the President's ScienceAdvisor, NASA's Administrator, and other senior officials. Governmentinitiatives in nanotechnology, superconductivity, displays, machinetranslation, and packaging have drawn on these assessments for backgroundinformation on international R&D activities.

WTEC is funded by NSF, DARPA, AFOSR, ONR, ARO, NASA, NIST, DoE,NIH, and many other Federal research agencies.

Paper: Sleeping Tiger: Japan's Continuing Advances in S&T (Conferenceon Japanese Technical Information, Library of Congress, July 1997)








IBD Division

The InternationalBusiness Development (IBD) Division helps implements Loyola's strategicplan goal to move to the next level of excellence by strengthening Loyola'sinternational outreach.  As Loyola's president, Fr. Ridley, has said,“ We are compelled -by our history and our faith-- to seize our destinyand move toward a broader vision to a world in need of values andleadership."   To help implement this vision of moving toward thenext level, IBD will provide support for development of small and medium sizedenterprises for economies in transition.  It will provide businesseducation and training (via traditional approaches and distance learning),business plan development, access to capital and markets, brokering of jointventures, and other business services.  IBD services will be provided viasmall business incubators, business support centers, and technoparks. IBD'slargest program is its cooperative agreement with USAID to develop incubatorsin Ukraine via its Business Incubator Development (BID) Program.  The BID Program hascreated two small business incubators: IBD is also helping organize Ukraine's first threetechnnoparks and is one of three USAID contractors chosen to conduct the Marketing Assistance Program inKharkiv, with a curriculum of training courses for managers of small and mediumsized companies.  Plans are being prepared to extend operations to othercities in Ukraine and to neighboring countries. IBD is supported by resourcesfrom the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Peace Corps, IREX, andother donor agencies.  The division has an office in Ocher House at Loyolaand a Ukraine Coordination Office in Kiev.

Paper: TheBusiness Incubator Development Program  ( Expert Meeting on Best Practicesin Business Incubation, UN Economic Commission for Europe, Geneva, June1999)




Internet ScienceInstitute


TTEC Division

The Technology Transfer(TTEC) Division  conducted ten technology assessments for the U.S.Department of Transportation, and is presently engaged in several studies ofinternational S&T for the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the NationalScience Foundation. It is also developing a Web site for science learning undera grant from the National Science Foundation. While WTEC focuses on technologyassessments in countries that currently lead in science and technology, such asJapan and the EU, TTEC concentrates on countries that are making the most rapidgains in their S&T capability, such as the Asian "Tigers."

Paper:Assessing and Transferring Technologies: A View from the U.S. (UN AsiaPacific Tech Monitor, December 1999)


ITRI's international assessment program owes much of itssuccess to its sponsors: over a hundred government program officers from morethan a dozen agencies who see the need for studies of developmentsabroad.  Some 400 expert panelists have shared their expertise inconducting peer reviews for little more than travel costs.  Thousands offoreign hosts have unfailingly been hospitable and open in sharing theirresults with these American delegations.

ITRI's new international development effort owes much to generousfunding from the U.S. Agency for International Development, which administersthe U.S. foreign assistance program providing economic and humanitarianassistance in more than 80 countries worldwide.

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