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Loyola College is one of over 50 Jesuit universities around the world, some of which date to the sixteenth century. Its International Technology Research Institute contributes to the education, research and service goals of its parent institution by conducting programs to:

ITRI is directed by Duane Shelton and houses three divisions. The World Technology (WTEC) Division, headed by Geoff Holdridge, conducts international technology assessments with funding from several Federal agencies through a cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation. The Technology Transfer (TTEC) Division, headed by George Gamota, conducts general research and development for several agencies including the Office of Naval Research, plus education research grants from the NSF. The Business Development (BD) Division, headed by George Mackiw, operates the Business Incubator Development (BID) Program in Ukraine, with funding from a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Agency for International Development.

WTEC Division

The mission of the ITRI World Technology (WTEC) Division is to inform scientists, engineers, and policy makers of global trends in science and technology in a manner that is timely, credible, relevant, efficient, and useful. WTEC's role is central to the Government's effort to measure its performance in science and technology. As stated by the President and the National Science Foundation, the goal is to maintain world leadership; the 1993 GPRA Act requires measurement against such goals, and the NSTC requires a government-wide effort.

Since 1989, WTEC has conducted over 40 multi-agency studies comparing U.S. efforts to those abroad using a peer review methodology that some believe is the best single method of measuring the quality of R&D. Japan is often the leading competitor, and WTEC has conducted many of the public technology assessments there.

Studies of international science can also provide many other benefits. Thus, WTEC's purpose is not only to evaluate S&T, but also to provide information on foreign research and development to Americans, and to seek opportunities for appropriate international cooperation in S&T.

Over 300 distinguished scientists have contributed to ITRI studies, including the current NSF Director and individuals who have served as Chief of Naval Research, Chief Scientist of the Air Force, Under Secretary of Commerce for Technology; Associate Administrator of NASA; IBM's senior vice president for research, and provosts of Rensselaer and the University of California System. The findings are clearly reaching a wide audience with over 5000 hits per day on the ITRI Web site that distributes reports. WTEC chairs have presented study results to members of the U.S. Senate, the President's Science Advisor, NASA's Administrator, and other senior officials. Government initiatives in nanotechnology, superconductivity, displays, machine translation, and packaging have drawn on these assessments for background information on international R&D activities.

TTEC Division

The Technology Transfer Division (TTEC) conducted ten technology assessments for the U.S. Department of Transportation, and is presently engaged in several studies of international S&T for the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA). It is also developing a Web site for science learning under a grant from the National Science Foundation. The TTEC Division is also responsible for all development activities for ITRI, including operation of a Ukrainian Representative Office (URO) in Kiev, charged with finding partners to sustain and expand the BID Program.

BD Division

The Business Development Division is a new unit, which is funded by a cooperative agreement with USAID to develop business incubators in the country of Ukraine. The division has an office in Ocher House at Loyola and a Ukraine Coordination Office in Kiev. This UCO operates two small business incubators:

Plans are being prepared to extend this program to other cities in Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus.

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