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The International Technology Research Institute (ITRI) at Loyola College conducts a variety of studies in international science and technology. The World Technology Division (WTEC) [formerly known as the Japanese Technology Evaluation Center (JTEC)] provides assessments of foreign research and development in selected technologies under a cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation (NSF). Elbert Marsh, Senior Advisor for Planning and Technology Evaluation at NSF's Engineering Directorate, is NSF Program Director for WTEC. Other U.S. government agencies that provide support for the program include the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce, and the Department of Defense.

During 2000-2001, the three divisions of Loyola/ITRI are being spun off into separate companies. TTEC is now the International Technology Research Institute, Inc.(ITRI, Inc.), IBD is being spun off in to E-Development International, Inc., and WTEC is being spun off into the World Technology Evaluation Center, Inc.(WTEC, Inc.) New studies are underway at these new entities while existing ones are being completed at Loyola/ITRI. For more information see the links above.

The mission of the ITRI World Technology (WTEC) Division is to inform scientists, engineers, and policy makers of global trends in science and technology in a manner that is timely, credible, relevant, efficient, and useful. WTEC's role is central to the Government's effort to measure its performance in science and technology. As stated by the President and the National Science Foundation, the goal is to maintain world leadership; the 1993 GPRA Act requires measurement against such goals, and the NSTC requires a government-wide effort. WTEC assessments cover basic research, advanced development, and application commercialization. Panels of about six technical experts conduct WTEC assessments. Panelists are leading authorities in their field, technically active, and knowledgeable about U.S. and foreign research programs. As part of the assessment process, panels visit and carry out extensive discussions with foreign scientists and engineers in universities and in industry and government labs.

The ITRI staff at Loyola College help select topics, recruit expert panelists, arrange study visits to foreign laboratories, organize workshop presentations, and finally, edit and disseminate the final reports.

For more information on our program please see our review of the WTEC program, or the papers, American Leadership of Science and Technology: Reality or Myth? or Sleeping Tiger? Japan's Continuing Advances in Science and Technology (presented at the Fifth International Conference on Japanese Information in Science,Technology, and Commerce; Library of Congress, Washington, DC; July 31, 1997)

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