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WTEC Panel Report on

The Future of Data Storage Technologies

Sadik C. Esener , Panel Co-Chair
Mark H. Kryder , Panel Co-Chair
William D. Doyle
Marvin Keshner
Masud Mansuripur
David A. Thompson

June 1999

Table Of Contents

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WTEC Staff
Table of Contents
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Executive Summary

1. Introduction-Optical Storage

Sadik C. Esener

2. Introduction-Magnetic Recording Technology

Mark H. Kryder

3. Magnetic Disk Technologies

David A. Thompson

4. Magnetic Tape Storage

William D. Doyle

5. R&D Activities in Optical Data Storage Media

Masud Mansuripur

6. Status of Optical Storage in Japan

Marvin Keshner

7. Alternative Storage Technologies

Sadik Esener and Mark Kryder


A. Professional Experience of Panel Members

B. Professional Experience of Other Team Members

C. Site Reports

D. Glossary

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