Name: Ms. Stella Lin

Address: P.O. Box 11082
Arlington, VA 22102

Ms. Lin is an associate of EnSTec Consulting Services, Inc. She speaks fluent Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Spanish. She has an MS degree in accounting and extensive experience as a financial specialist. She is skilled at handling logistics and business transactions, developing briefing materials, and facilitating travel arrangements and appointments.

Name: Christopher McClintick

Address: ITRI/WTEC
Ocher House
Loyola College
4501 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21210

Dr. Christopher McClintick is Head of Publications for ITRI/WTEC. He is responsible for editing and preparing reports for publication and develops policy analysis on selected studies. Dr. McClintick also teaches in Loyola College's Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.

Dr. McClintick has been a writer and editor for weekly and daily newspapers, a legislative assistant to former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Thomas S. Foley, and has taught at Vanderbilt University, where he received his PhD. He was awarded BA and MA degrees from Whitman College and the University of Washington, respectively.

Name: Mr. Hiroshi Morishita

Address: HMI Corporation
Matsudo Paresu 1002
35-2 Koyama
Matsudo 271, JAPAN

Hiroshi Morishita, President, HMI Corporation, specializes in ultra-micro manipulation technology for MEMS (microelectromechanical systems). He founded HMI Corporation in 1991 to commercialize his ultra-micro manipulator system. He extended his interest and business to the field of archaeological excavating and to the new robot manipulator system to help bed-ridden persons. In 1994, he became a consultant to WTEC panel members concerning their study tours in Japan. He graduated from the University of Tokyo (BA, MA, mechanical engineering), and is in the final stage of preparing his doctoral thesis. He was a visiting researcher in the Mechanical Engineering Department in 1992 and 1993 and at RCAST (the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology) at the University of Tokyo in 1994 and 1995.

Name: Kent B. Rochford

Address: National Institute of Standards and Technology
Optoelectronics Division, M/S 815
325 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80303-3328

Kent Rochford received his PhD from the Optical Sciences Center at the University of Arizona in 1990. He is Project Leader of the Fiber Optics Sensors Project in NIST's Optoelectronics Division. His research at NIST has centered on polarimetric optical fiber sensor systems. Dr. Rochford has developed magneto-optic current and field sensors, polarization instrumentation, and led the project's development of a calibration standard for optical retardance. A recent research focus has been the measurement of optical disc substrate birefringence.

Name: Gerald J. Whitman

Address: P.O. Box 11082
Arlington, VA 22102

Mr. Whitman is President of EnSTec Consulting Services, Inc., established to facilitate international cooperation in scientific research, technology development, and environmental conservation. He is an engineer with broad experience in international science, environmental, nuclear energy and space programs. A former Foreign Service officer, he recently returned from Japan, where he served as Minister-Counselor for Environment, Science, and Technology at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo.

Published: June 1999; WTEC Hyper-Librarian