The roadmaps derive from customer requirements and tend to be independent of the choice of technology by which they are implemented. Nevertheless, the different camps (DVD-RAM, DVD+RW and MO) have slightly different roadmaps. Today, we have read-only products with 0.65 GB (CD-ROM) and 4.7 GB (DVD-ROM). We will also have writable and erasable products with 0.65 GB (CD-RW), 2.6 GB (DVD-RAM), 3.0 GB (DVD+RW) and 2.6 GB (per side) (5.25" MO). Many companies take the position that 4.7 GB will be an important capacity for camcorders and maybe for replacing VCRs. The next capacity point is targeted to be in the 10-20 GB range. This capacity will certainly be large enough to replace VCRs for recording standard definition TV. Finally, many companies are talking about a capacity point in the 30-40 GB range for recording 4-6 hours of HDTV.

Published: June 1999; WTEC Hyper-Librarian