ES.1 Optical Data Storage Technologies: State of the Art in Japan and the United States.
ES.2Magnetic Disk Drives: Japan Compared to the United States

2.1 1996 Revenues from Tape Drive Sales

3.1 Share of HDD Market by National Origin, 1995
3.2 Location of HDD Final Assembly, 1995
3.3 Geographical Distribution of the Wage Bill
3.4 Recent Headlines3/4Typical Press Clippings
3.5 Introduction of MR Heads by Company
3.6 Current Areal Density by Company

4.1 Tape Density Projections
4.2 Requirements for 4.7 Terabyte/in3
4.3 Thinner Substrates

7.1 Emerging Technologies and Applications

Published: June 1999; WTEC Hyper- Librarian