ES.1 Trends in disk drive sales and cost per megabyte

1.1 Key components of an optical disk system
1.2 Potential evolution of application requirements for removable storage
1.3 Capacity and data rate requirements
1.4a Comparison of worldwide hard disk and optical disk storage revenues
1.4b Disparity in number of U.S. and Asian optical drive manufacturers
1.5 Distribution of CD-ROM and optical library manufacturers
1.6 Respective removable media market share distribution in Japan in 1997
1.7 Example roadmaps
1.8 Potential roadmap for mastering technology
1.9 Alternative optical storage technologies
2.1 Schematic diagram of a magnetic recording system
2.2 Market share of non-U.S. and U.S. manufacturers of disk drives
2.3 Areal density of magnetic hard disk drives and of dynamic random access memories
2.4 Schematic diagram of a perpendicular magnetic recording medium
2.5 User application segments for magnetic tape
2.6 Cost in $/GB of storage

3.1 U.S. and non-U.S. HDD market share per year
3.2 Roadmap
3.3 ASET/SRC areal density projection
3.4 Possible microactuator designs
3.5 TDK microactuator
3.6 Storage materials
3.7 ASET/SCR storage issues
3.8 Storage media materials and efficiencies
3.9 Perpendicular magnetic recording with a single-pole head

4.1 Storage subsystem cost trends
4.2 High performance tape media
4.3 Substrate stability-capacity/date rate trade-offs

5.1 Basic configuration of an optical disk system
5.2 Single-element aspherics lenses used in optical disk drives
5.3 Astigmatic focus-error detection system
5.4 Recordable optical disks
5.5 Track-error signal generated by push-pull method
5.6 Small section of a simplified magneto-optical disk
5.7 Solid immersion lens
5.8a Typical pattern of land-groove recording
5.8b Cross-talk signal from a model
5.9a Exchange-coupled magnetic trilayer
5.9b Cross-section view of magnetic domains
5.10 Exchange-coupled magnetic multi-layer used in magnetic super resolution

6.1 Road map for phase change disks
6.2 Areal density vs. technology

7.1 Potential evolution of application requirements for removable storage
7.2 Estimates for possible areal densities
7.3 New degrees of freedom in data storage
7.4 Probe storage: a combination of sensing and modulation techniques
7.5 Recording by STM/AFM probe in organic LB films
7.6 Probe storage at Canon
7.7 Probe storage at Matsushita
7.8 Manufacturing process for low-cost fabrication of probe tips
7.9 Thermo-mechanical recording at IBM
7.10 Classification and demonstrated performance of probe storage
7.11 Multi-layer optical disk stack
7.12 Double layer MO disk recording and readout
7.13 Principle of two-photon recording in 3D
7.14 Multi-layer 3D ROM disks reader/side view of a disk
7.15 Potential impact of 3D multi-layer optical storage
7.16 Multi-beam optical head investigated at Fujitsu
7.17 Use of a VCSEL for recording and readout in a near field optics geometry
7.18 Schematic of a VCSEL array access
7.19 Roadmap for mastering and replication
7.20 Possible roadmap for alternative technologies
7.21 Potential evolution of capacity vs. transfer rate

Published: June 1999; WTEC Hyper-Librarian