The attached video clips (quicktime files) are excerpts from two videos that were presented to the JTEC HCI team during their visit to NTT Human Interface Laboratories (see site report, Appendix C). These excerpts are reproduced here by permission of NTT.

The first video is entitled "Seamless Media Design" (copyright 1993 NTT). Our brief clip from this depicts two (presumably remote) designers collaborating on a space station design on either "side" of a clearboard workstation ( -- 425 KB).

The second video is entitled "Toward Seamless Collaboration Media: TeamWorkStation to ClearBoard" (copyright 1992 NTT). We have taken five brief clips from this video showing the evolution of NTT's video conferencing/shared workspace technologies:

See chapter 3 for a more complete narrative explanation of these systems.

The choice of clips from these two videos was made by the JTEC staff, and does not necessarily reflect the current activities or priorities of the NTT Human Interface Laboratories.

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