2.1. CHI publications from Japan, Europe, and North America
2.2. UIST publications from Japan, Europe, and North America

3.1. The country of origin of articles published in the ACMÕs Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
3.2. Team workstation
3.3. Clearboard application with systems architecture
3.4. Virtual teleconferencing at ATR Laboratories
3.5. SharedView head-mounted camera and display
3.6. Telecontrol in GestureCam
3.7. Use of a group decision support facility at NTT
3.8. Growth in on-line services in Japan and the United States
3.9. English-language advertisement for TokyoNet Internet access, July 1995

4.1. 0 American Dreams
4.2. "Peedy the Parrot"
4.3. Artificial creatures
4.4. Fujitsu's "Phin"
4.5. Virtual human expressions
4.6. "Gentle" and "Fierce"
4.7. Sony's Playstation
4.8. Nintendo's Donkey Kong Country

5.1. History of Canon's welfare activities
5.2. Canon CC-7S - "Communication Aid for People with Speech Disorders"
5.3. Components of ETL's visual information system
5.4. CISTA sensors worn by a student
5.5. Block Diagram of CISTA
5.6. Example of speech training program for Japanese syllables
5.7. Auditory touchscreen display
5.8. Image understanding for a navigation support system
5.9. TRON TK1 input device

Published: March 1996; WTEC Hyper-Librarian