The JTEC HCI Panel extends its sincere thanks to its colleagues at the 22 labs it visited during its week in Japan. The names of many of those whom the panel visited are listed in the site reports in Appendix C. Not enumerated are the support staff at each lab who scheduled our visits and dealt with the logistics of schedules, transportation, and meals. The panelists are all extremely thankful for the gracious hospitality extended by our hosts.

Our sponsors helped prepare plans for the visit and provided financial support for the enterprise:

The JTEC Staff -- Mike DeHaemer, George Gamota, Geoff Holdridge, and Bob Williams -- shared with us their expertise in the study mission process. We were delighted that Mike DeHaemer, the JTEC/WTEC director, was able to accompany us on the trip. Gene Gregory, JTEC's contractor in Japan, arranged our visits, dealt with logistics, and shared with us his store of knowledge about Japan.

Several colleagues with knowledge of HCI research in Japan shared their expertise with us via e-mail, personal conversations, and review of some of our material. We thank them for their insights, and at the same time take responsibility for any misinterpretations we may have inadvertently placed on their insights:

Published: March 1996; WTEC Hyper-Librarian