1 Dr. Rita Colwell was unable to make the trip with the rest of the panel due to a last-minute scheduling conflict, but she visited Japan several weeks later and was able to report on her findings. These are covered in Chapter 5.

2 Until 1989, the Japanese Technology Evaluation Program was managed by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), and it was referred to as JTECH.

3 Since the JTEC panel's visit, the policy has been modified in a major new program called "CREST," funded by STA, which is now available for support of professors conducting university research. MITI has also begun to fund some academic research in targeted project areas.

4 JRDC and the Japan Information Center for Science and Technology (JICST) will merge in October 1996 to become the Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST).

5 See also Chapter 5 for a discussion of follow-on activities at JAMSTEC based on work initiated by the ERATO Horikoshi Superbugs project.

6 Partly due to Iijima's experience, the policy on continued use of research equipment has been modified, and JRDC permits the post ERATO continued use of research equipment by the researchers upon request.