E.1 Packaging Technology Leadership (U.S. Compared to Japan)

1.1 Japan's Electronics Industry Production 1992-3, Forecast for 1994
1.2 Japan's Consumer Electronics Production 1992-3, Forecast for 1994
1.3 Export Ratios of Major Export Items
1.4 The Number of Offshore Japanese Production Bases in 1992
1.5 Japan's Electronics Imports in 1992, by Region
1.6 Japanese R&D Expenditures
1.7 Electronic Devices and Parts Output

2.1 1993 First-Half Performance of Japanese Electronics Companies
2.2 Packaging Technology for the 21st Century
2.3 Logic LSI Package Roadmap
2.4 Matsushita Video Camera Board Designs

3.1 Japanese Major Electronics Firms' Capital & R&D Investments
3.2 Hitachi Limited's Corporate Research Laboratories
3.3 Hitachi Corporate Research Funding

4.1 Molding Compound Development in Japan
4.4 Future Plastic PGA Technology
4.2 Development Roadmap of Semiconductor Encapsulating Material
4.3 Development Roadmap of Semiconductor Encapsulating Material (Part 2)
4.5 Memory Package (TSOP) Technology Roadmap
4.6 Logic LSI Package Roadmap
4.7 Japanese Ceramic Substrate Materials
4.8 NEC's Ceramic Roadmap
4.9 Component Miniaturization
4.10 Nitto Denko's Blend Polymer Dielectric
4.11 Characteristics Of Additive-Plated PWB
4.12 Japanese Chip Assembly Plan (Oki)
4.13 Japanese TAB Package (TCP) Characteristics (Oki)
4.14 Advantages of the Nitto Process
4.15 Japanese Packaging Technology Trends

Published: February 1995; WTEC Hyper-Librarian