Orient Semiconductor Electronics, Ltd. (OSE)
12-2 Nei Huan South Rd, N.E.P.Z. Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 81120
Tel: 886-7-361-3131; Fax: 886-7-363-2319
Edward S. Duh, Special Assistant to the President, Board of Directors
J.Y. Horng, Vice President, Semiconductor Group
W.L. Shieh, R&D Department Manager, Semiconductor Group
C.M. Wu, Director of Operations, Semiconductor Group
C.Y. Lin, Assistant Vice President, Finished Products Group
Allen K. Lin, Account Manager, Desktop Computer Group, Finished Products Group
N.C. Chiang, Director Customer Service Division, Finished Products Group
Wayne W.F. Fu, Group Leader, Notebook Computer Group, Finished Products Group

Mission and strategy

Key elements of presentation

Key elements of tour


Core competencies


Published: May 1997; WTEC Hyper-Librarian