NatSteel Electronics - Singapore
138 Joo Seng Rd. #07-00, Singapore 368361
Chester C. Lin, NatSteel Chief Executive Officer
C. Y. Shaw, NatSteel Chief Operating Officer
Ng Hock Ching, Marketing Director
Tio Wee Seeng, NatSteel Senior Marketing Executive
Andy Yeo, Engineering Manager

Mission and Strategy

Key Elements of Presentation

NatSteel Electronics has several facilities:

   Location Sq. Ft.         Employees   SMT     Auto        ISO 
                            Lines   Insertion       9002 
Singapore    80,000    750       12         1993 
Penang      160,000    800       18     7           1995 
Bantam       70,000    750        7             1996 
Shenzhen     75,000    100        2     2           1996 
Bangkok  15,000    200        0     8           Open

Key Elements of Tour

Key Results


NatSteel Electronics has a strategy to fill its factories and to win business by providing higher value-added services including system build and ODM products. It had just won a major product build contract for a major manufacturer at the time of the WTEC team's visit.

Published: May 1997; WTEC Hyper-Librarian