Hewlett-Packard - Singapore (HP-Singapore)
1150 Depot Rd., Singapore 0410
Lim Chuin Kiat, Printer R&D Manager
Frederick Cheong, IC Development Technology Manager (via phone)

Mission and Strategy

HP has R&D facilities around the globe. Singapore has R&D for inkjet technology, IC packaging, networking solutions, and PC products; inkjet R&D takes place in San Diego, Vancouver, Barcelona, and Singapore (Deskjet 340).

Key Elements of Presentation

Key Elements of Tour

IC packaging R&D for Hewlett-Packard is split between Palo Alto (DCA and flip chip) and Singapore (enhanced BGA and fine pitch).

Key Results

The Singapore lab leverages technology from other divisions in Hewlett-Packard and cost-reduces the technology for use in its products.


This organization leverages IME capability, Hewlett-Packard capability, and the capability of the silicon package vendor to produce lower-cost and smaller IC packages.

Published: May 1997; WTEC Hyper-Librarian