GINTIC Institute of Manufacturing Technology
Nanyang Technological University, 71 Nanyang Dr., Singapore 638075
Ho Nai Choon, Division Director
James Ling Kwong Ung, Director
Dr. Lim Beng Siong, Senior Manager
Stephen Wong Chee Khuen, Group Manager
Dr. Sanjay Jain, Research Fellow

Mission and strategy

GINTIC is responsible for enabling the manufacturing community to contribute 25% of the GDP. It keeps a current 5-year strategy on how to help local manufacturing by exploiting existing manufacturing and systems technologies and developing new technologies.

Key Elements of Presentation

GINTIC is operated under funding from the NSTB and has a staff of 250 people growing to 300. They focus on information technology, process technology, and automation technology (including material handling) to support manufacturing by Singapore firms throughout the region.

Key Elements of Tour

GINTIC provides the reliability analysis, cost analysis, prototype assembly, and process definition to support the transfer of technology to member companies.

Key Results

Advanced electronic packaging activities include no clean flux, paste in hole, organic surface preparation, and flip chip on glass. Facilities are adequate to demonstrate technology capability, help with product deployment.


The information technology group has a new project focusing on virtual factory simulation and cycle time analysis. There are no current activities underway to support flat panel manufacturing or card level testing.

Published: May 1997; WTEC Hyper-Librarian