Chartered Electronics Industries (CEI) - Singapore
19 Tal Seng Drive, Singapore 535222
S. K. Gan, Assistant General Manager
Peter Loh Kum Pui, Manager, Product Marketing
T. Y. Heng, Head, Manufacturing Engineering

Mission and strategy

Key Elements of Presentation

Key Elements of Tour

CEI's manufacturing labor force is made up of Singaporeans, Malays, and Chinese. The turnover rate in Singapore is 10% per year but almost zero in Batam since the laborers in Batam sign a two-year contract.

Key Results

KME placement equipment is used in the SMT lines and CEI has a cycle time of 3 - 4 days.


CEI leverages GINTIC resources and government incentive programs to lower its cost of process development.

Published: May 1997; WTEC Hyper-Librarian