Singapore's long-range goal is to surpass the U.S. per capita GNP by 2030. Singapore's future activities are based on its E 2000 plan to move into more advanced production capabilities. The upgrading of technology is essential to address the rising cost of labor and to improve living standards. The plan stresses working relationships between government, industry, and academia. It includes a wide range of programs to support the development of semiconductors, communications, display, and data storage businesses across Southeast Asia. ASEAN's members are reinvesting to improve their core competencies at all levels of the supply chain. Singapore alone invested $28 billion in 1993 in countries throughout the region. The strategy is intended to increase higher-value-added products, develop greater R&D activities, create a better trained workforce, and further develop Singapore's regional role as the leader of its immediate geographical area and gateway to that area for MNCs, technology transfer, investment, and so forth.

Published: May 1997; WTEC Hyper-Librarian