WTEC Study Teams

To meet these goals, the sponsors and WTEC selected Dr. Michael Kelly, who headed the Japan electronics study, and Dr. William Boulton, who was its primary author, as co-chairs of a panel to investigate electronics manufacturing in the Pacific Rim. This was followed by selection of other panel members: U.S. electronics experts with diverse areas of specialization. The panel then was organized into three study teams to visit Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, and Taiwan. The panelists are listed below; Appendix A summarizes their professional experience. Other studies of Korea and China, also sponsored by WTEC, complement the work of this panel. The results of the China and Korea studies will soon be available on WTEC's Web site ( or in the reports Electronics Manufacturing in Korea and China (Boulton, 1997, upcoming), and The Korean Electronics Industry (Pecht 1997). It is anticipated that further work will be done in the near future to better understand Korea, continuing developments in China, and the evolving participation of other Pacific Rim countries.

Hong Kong Study Team

William Boulton, Auburn University
Dieter Bergman, Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits
Bipin Chadha, Lockheed Martin

Singapore-Malaysia Study Team

C.W. Kong, Texas Instruments
Michael Pecht, University of Maryland CALCE/EPRC
Joseph Ranieri, Universal Instruments
Amalendu Sanyal, Digital Equipment Corporation
William Tucker, IBM
Sam Wennberg, Delco Electronics

Taiwan Study Team

William Boulton, Auburn University
H.M. Cheng, Universal Equipment Corporation
Nicholas Naclerio, DARPA (now at Motorola)
Gordon Roberts, Lucent Technologies
Jan Vardaman, TechSearch International

After panelists completed their site visits and prepared their findings, WTEC hosted a workshop in Washington, DC, on July 18, 1996, to present the preliminary results of the study to the public.

Overview of the Report

This written report on the panel's findings is the final evaluation of the panel on the current state of electronics manufacturing in Asia. It consists of an overview of the areas studied and their electronics manufacturing capabilities (Chapter 2), and three chapters analyzing the electronics R&D and manufacturing capabilities of the separate regions visited by the study teams: Hong Kong and affiliated locations in South China (Chapter 3); Singapore and Malaysia (Chapter 4); and Taiwan (Chapter 5). Site reports on the organizations that the team visited are found in Appendix B (Hong Kong), Appendix C (Singapore), Appendix D (Malaysia), and Appendix E (Taiwan). All host organizations were given an opportunity to review the draft of the written report.

Published: May 1997; WTEC Hyper-Librarian