2.1 Relationship Between Capital, Labor, and Machine Intensity
2.2 Production Value by Electronics Industry Segment, and by Country (1990-92)
2.3 Electronics Industry Capabilities of Asian Countries
2.4 Government Industrial Development Support in Asia
2.5 Asian Government Programs in Support of the Electronics Industry
2.6 China Electronics Industry Capabilities (Private Sector)
2.7 Taiwan Electronics Industry Capabilities
2.8 Korea Electronics Industry Capabilities
2.9 Singapore Electronics Industry Capabilities
2.10 Malaysia Electronics Industry Capabilities
2.11 Hong Kong Electronics Industry Capabilities

3.1 Hong Kong's Economy and Trade, 1993-95
3.2 Technologies Transferred From Japan to China in the 1980s and 1990s
3.3 Forecast of China's Communication Equipment Demand for 1995
3.4 Nam Tai's Technology Roadmap

4.1 Sites Visited by WTEC Team in Singapore and Malaysia
4.2 Operations of Contact Manufacturers in Other Asian Countries
4.3 Growth in Singapore's Key Components
4.4 Foreign Firms Investing in Singapore's Electronics Industry
4.5 Solectron's Electronics Capabilities in Penang, Malaysia, and Other Locations
4.6 Model of Singaporean/Malaysian Electronics Technology Development

5.1 Taiwan's Electronics Manufacturing Industry
5.2 MOEA's Critical Components and Products List
5.3 Taiwan's Evolution in Electronics Manufacturing
5.4 Taiwan's Leading PC Vendors
5.5 Taiwan's Top Ten Information Technology Products, 1995
5.6 Status of Taiwan's Packaging Technology
5.7 Taiwan's 8-inch Fab Investments
5.8 Taiwan's IC Technology Status
5.9 Taiwan's Display Technology
5.10 Taiwan's LCD Investments
5.11 Evolution of Taiwan's Strategies and Capabilities

Published: May 1997; WTEC Hyper-Librarian