2.1 Changing role of Japanese computer makers in component evaluation
2.2 Evolution of Asia's electronics industry
2.3 Asia's growth "triangles"

3.1 The growing U.S. trade deficit with China
3.2 Foreign direct investment in China
3.3 Legend QDI's product design and test flow chart

4.1 Integrated strategies for economic development
4.2 Sources of technical know-how
4.3 Singapore's core clusters to support manufacturing
4.4 Key electronics sectors, 1995 Singapore economy
4.5 Singapore's electronic manufacturing clusters
4.6 NEMI vision of technology deployment

5.1 Taiwan's technology development programs
5.2 The changing structure of Taiwan's electronics industry
5.3 Taiwan's computer development
5.4 Taiwan's electronic packaging industry infrastructure
5.5 Strategic alliances in Taiwan's IC industry

Published: May 1997; WTEC Hyper-Librarian