"Environmentally Benign" Polymer Processing

Author: Timothy Gutowski

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Table of Contents

  1. "Environmentally Benign" Polymer Processing
  2. Polymer Product Activities and Ecological Material Flows
  3. Polymer Processing
  4. Polymer Processes
  5. Polymer Processing Schematic
  6. Polymer Product Activities and Ecological Material Flows
  7. Polymer Processing at 10,000m
  8. New Materials for Benign Processing
  9. End-of-Life Treatment
  10. Design for End of Life (Polymer Systems)
  11. Balance "Use Phase" benefits with "End of Life" Dilemma Ref. Life Cycle Inventory of a Generic U.S. Family Sedan Overview of Results USCAR AMP Project, by John Sullivan, Ronald Williams, Susan Yester et al SAE TLC Conference 1998
  12. Complex materials provide performance advantages
  13. Critical Needs of Benign Polymer Processing
  14. Motivations for Polymer Processing Improvements
  15. Recycling of Polyester
  16. Automobiles at End of Life
  17. Processing Implications
  18. Energy Consumption
  19. Energy Consumption
  20. Process Level Improvements
  21. Material Use Trends Ref. "Material Selection in Mechanical Design" M.F. Ashby, Pergamon Press 1992

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Published July 13, 2000; WTEC Workshop on Environmentally Benign Manufacturing (EBM) Technologies