AGENDA: Morning

8:15 Registration

9:00 Opening Remarks (L. Martin-Vega, Acting Assistant Director forEngineering, NSF)

9:05 Introduction to WTEC (R.D. Shelton, ITRI/WTEC)

9:15 NSF Perspective (D. Durham, NSF)

9:20 DOE Perspective (Ken Friedman, DOE)

9:25 Introduction - Background (T. Gutowski, Panel Chair)

9:45 Introduction - Geographic (C. Murphy, Vice Chair)

10:05 Strategic Vision (D. Allen)

10:30 Break

10:50 Systems Level Issues I (B. Bras)

11:15 Systems Level Issue II (D. Thurston)

11:40 Discussion (all)

12:00 Break for Lunch

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Published July 13, 2000; WTEC Workshop on Environmentally Benign Manufacturing (EBM) Technologies