Environmentally Benign Manufacturing

Author: Timothy Gutowski

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Table of Contents

  1. Environmentally Benign Manufacturing
  2. EBM Panelists (Delcie Durham, NSF)
  3. What is Environmentally Benign Manufacturing?
  4. Manufacturing and the Product Life Cycle
  5. Total Energy-Related Carbon Emissions for Selected Manufacturing Industries, 1994
  6. Major Waste Types by Weight in the United States (1985)
  7. Panel Mission
  8. Focus Areas
  9. Sites Visited: Japan
  10. Sites Visited: Europe Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland
  11. Sites Visited: U. S.
  12. Per Capita GDP and Population Density
  13. AGENDA: Morning
  14. AGENDA: Afternoon

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Published July 13, 2000; WTEC Workshop on Environmentally Benign Manufacturing (EBM) Technologies