Environmentally Benign Manufacturing Technologies

Draft Summary of the Roadmaps for U.S. Industries



EBM Roadmap Summary
Diana Bauer, Sudarshan Siddhaye




This report contains summaries of environmental issues discussed in recent U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Industrial Technologies or other roadmaps for the steel, aluminum, casting, polymers, automotive, and electronics industries of the United States. Also included are viewgraphs presented by representatives of key U.S. industries at WTEC's October 11,1999 workshop on U.S. Status and Trends in Environmentally Benign Manufacturing Technologies. This is part of a continuing series of international technology assessments done in cooperation with the National Science Foundation of the United States government.




International Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

World Technology (WTEC) Division

Staff Involved in This Study

R. D. Shelton, Principal Investigator, ITRI Director

George Gamota, ITRI Associate Director

Geoffrey M. Holdridge, WTEC Division Director

Bobby A. Williams, Financial Officer

Catrina M. Foley, Administrative Assistant

Christopher McClintick, Head of Publications

Roan E. Horning, Professional Assistant

Hiroshi Morishita, WTEC Japan Representative

Robert Tamburello, Student Assistant

Gerald Whitman and Stella Lin Whitman, Japan Advance Work

Aminah Grefer, Europe Advance Work



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