This publication contains materials from WTEC's October 11, 1999 workshop on U.S. industry activities in environmentally benign manufacturing (EBM). The meeting provided the WTEC EBM expert panel with updated and specific information on the environmental issues incorporated into technology roadmaps that have been developed for key U.S. manufacturing industries. Many of these roadmaps were prepared in cooperative efforts between industry and the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Industrial Technologies.

The October 11 meeting was part of a worldwide study of environmentally benign manufacturing technologies being conducted by WTEC, with sponsorship from the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy. Other major events in the study include travel to Japan in October 1999 to discuss EBM issues with scientists and engineers at approximately 20 sites there; a similar visit in January 2000 to several European countries; and finally, a public workshop to be held on March 2, 2000 in the Washington, DC, area, at which the panel will present preliminary results of the study. WTEC subsequently will publish a written final report; that report and other information about the study will be made available on the Web at Some information about the study is already available on that site.

In preparation for the meeting, Diana Bauer et al. prepared summaries of the environmental contents of a number of U.S. industry roadmaps; these summaries are presented below. In addition, speakers at the October 11 meeting (see below) were asked to address three questions: (1) What work, including research, is currently going on to make processing technologies more environmentally benign? (2) What work do you foresee as needing to be done in the future, to address anticipated environmental issues? And, for those who participated in the roadmapping exercises, (3) What were the most important "findings" re EBM that emerged from the roadmapping exercise? Viewgraphs presented by speakers at the workshop are included in this volume following the prose roadmap summaries.


Bob Strieter, The Aluminum Association
Jerry Rogers, General Motors
Geoff Wood, Profile Composites
Bill Heenan, Steel Recycling Institute
Dave Cox, Environmental and Occupational Risk Management, Inc.
Al Galli, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Greg Barthold, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Some speakers did not prepare written presentations, and unfortunately their remarks were not available for inclusion in this document. Panelists, sponsors, and the staff at WTEC want to express our great appreciation to all the speakers, first for making room for us in their busy schedules, and more important, for clarifying and elaborating on the environmental issues that face these industries.

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