Passive matrix LCDs dominate the flat-panel display business today and will continue to dominate it, at least in unit sales, for the next five years. FSTN LCDs have enabled a brand new industry (portable and notebook computers) and are also used widely in Japan in word processors. Color FSTN will continue to improve and will be introduced to the market in significant numbers in 1992-93.

FSTN LCDs have not reached their full potential, and improvements are expected in several areas within the next two years. Notably, monochrome FSTN LCDs in sizes up to a 17-inch diagonal with 1280 x 1024 pixels, contrast ratio > 20:1, response time < 150 msec, and 16-32 gray levels will appear in mass production. Approximate prices expected within two years are $150 for a 10-inch diagonal VGA monochrome, $500 for a 10-inch diagonal VGA color, and <$1000 for a 14-inch XGA monochrome.

VAN LCDs have made impressive gains but will likely be limited to niche markets because of their slow response time and low optical efficiency.

Ferroelectric LCDs are under active development at a few laboratories, but only Canon has announced production plans. If Canon has solved the manufacturing problems, then these displays will give competition to active matrix LCDs, especially in the larger sizes (great than/equal 15-inch diagonal).

Published: June 1992; WTEC Hyper-Librarian