That Japan has apparently made a strong national commitment to AMLCD technology is evident from the large investment in new manufacturing plants by the leading companies. For this reason, an extensive materials and manufacturing equipment infrastructure is being established. There is still considerable work to be done on manufacturing issues to reduce cost. Up-time of equipment and achieving high yield are the main barriers limiting production.

An impressive array of high-quality AMLCDs is being produced in Japan. The overwhelming sense is that there is a new business emerging that is still in its infancy. Many large Japanese companies have made a strong financial commitment to this business. A strong dedication and focus on implementation, which Japanese companies have been so successful at in the past, will make this business successful. It is also clear that no technical discontinuity has been used to achieve this goal. There is no magic here, just good manufacturing practice.

Published: June 1992; WTEC Hyper- Librarian