Hitachi's forecast of the FPD market size is summarized in Figure 1.2. There are several important summary comments to accompany this figure:

There was no evidence or market plan to indicate that the flat-panel "television-on-the-wall" at consumer prices would arrive before the year 2000. It is ironic that, since the 1950s, the "TV-on-the-wall" has been the principal market motivation to develop FPDs, and it is still not technically feasible at a competitive price when compared to the conventional CRT.

Figure 1.2. World Wide Display Sales

The LCD market share breakdown for 1990 is as shown in Figure 1.3. The a-Si TFT AMLCD was not in significant production in 1990. Factories to produce the technology are just starting to come on line. By 1991, Sharp's monthly production rate was as follows:

     Nara Plant                     10 million          TN LCDs for calculators          350,000             STN LCDs for graphics          12,000              EL displays for machine control     Tenri Plant          150,000             a-Si TFT AMLCDs for TV andcomputer                40,000              a-Si TFT AMLCDs (new line starting1/92)          (Projected

Figure 1.3. 1990 Market Share

Published: June 1992; WTEC Hyper- Librarian