Date Visited: October 3, 1991

Report Author: L.E. Tannas, Jr.





Hiroo Hori

Chief Specialist

Yasuhisa Oana

Senior Manager

Makoto Ikegaki

General Manager

The Toshiba R&D visit was held at the Electron Device Engineering Laboratory in Yokohama, where we discussed the issues of a-Si TFT LC and related displays. At the conclusion of the meeting, the committee visited Toshiba's exhibit room and saw operating examples of the 10.4-inch (640 x 480), 13.8-inch (1052 x 900), D-size (1024 x 1024) and 3ATI- size avionics displays, all in color using a-Si TFT LCDs.

The discussions were open and free-flowing, and the following key points were made:

The goals of the Engineering Laboratory are focused on several products and on high yield and productivity:

Staffing of people involved in LCD research:

Sales in LCD Division:

With more than 80% of the avionics cockpit CRT display market, Toshiba feels it must continue its participation in the avionics market.

Toshiba is studying all forms of LCDs--ECB, PDLC, MIMs, FLCD, poly-Si TFTs, Philips diode approach--and have decided to concentrate on STN and TFT approaches. They are using a-Si TFTs but are continuing to study poly-Si. Even for HDTV projectors, poly-Si may cost more than a-Si TFTs in 3" and 4", but Toshiba will study more. Toshiba is studying low-temperature, laser-annealing, thermal-annealing, and ion-doping aspects of poly-Si TFT LCDs.

The Toshiba representative made several important observations relative to the future of LCDs:

The next phase will be in improvements in production processes and machinery.

The tour of the Toshiba display room demonstrators gave a clear and lasting impression of the accomplishments of Toshiba engineering and manufacturing.

Figure Toshiba.1. R & D Activities of LCD

Figure Toshiba.2. Electron Device Engineering Laboratory

Published: June 1992; WTEC Hyper- Librarian