Date Visited: October 3, 1991

Report Author: L. E. Tannas, Jr.





Shigeo Aoki

Executive Vice President

Yasuki Iwano

Senior Staff, Technical Administration

Shoichi Matsumoto

Executive Deputy Director, R&D Center

Yasuhiro Shigeno

Manager, R&D Center

Yasuhiro Ugai

Manager, R&D Center

Yasuhiro Matsushita

Assistant Manager, R&D Department

The visit included a review of the Hosiden exhibit at the Japan Electronics Show and a dinner meeting at the New Otani Hotel, Tokyo, hosted by Mr. Aoki. During the meeting, Mr. Aoki answered most of the questions, usually after brief discussions with his staff. Some of the key points made in response to our questions were as follows:

Hosiden had an excellent presentation at the Japan Electronics Show, showing their 10- and 15- inch active matrix a-Si LCDs. Unlike at previous Japan Electronics Shows, they did not show any avionics displays. However, they did show the wide viewing angle display developed for avionics using a Honeywell patent called "halftone technique."

Hosiden is continuing to support avionics direct to Honeywell.

Hosiden is a leader in a-Si LCDs with a 15-inch full-color 640 x 480 pixel, 1280 x 800 pixel, and other high-performance size displays.

New technical breakthroughs:

Hosiden estimates the LCD market to be 200 billion yen in 1990, growing to 1,000 billion yen by 1995, which is an annual rate of about 38%.


"Makers Explore Technology, LCDs Gain Sophistication," Display Devices '91, No. 1. by Hiroaki Minami, Hosiden Corporation.

Figure Hosiden.1.

Figure Hosiden.2.

Published: June 1992; WTEC Hyper- Librarian