3.1 Principle of TN-Type LCDs
3.2 Transmission of TN Cell as Function of the Applied rms Voltage
3.3 Schematics of a Thin-Film Transistor
3.4 Characteristics of a-Si TFTs
3.5 Cross Sections of a-Si TFTs
3.6 Cross Section of Low-Temperature p- Si TFT
3.7 Characteristics of Low-Temperature p-Si TFTs
3.8 Cross-Sectional View of TFT LCD
3.9 Current Voltage Characteristics of SiNx and Ta2O5 MIMs
3.10 Circuit Diagram of a Pixel and the MIM Structure in a MIM Diode Display
3.11 Current Voltage Characteristic of 20 şm pin Diode
3.12 Diode Ring (a) and Back-to-Back Diode (b) Configurations
3.13 Two-Diode Switch Configuration Operated in the Alternate Scan Mode
3.14 Cross Section of pin Diode Display
3.15 Configuration of the FSU LCD Industry
3.16 Photoresist Coater (Platan)
3.17 The Minsk MIM Display Topology
3.18 Multifunction Active-Matrix Liquid-Crystal Display MFI
3.19 Platan Filter Dyes

4.1 Field Emission Display Cross Section
4.2 Polycrystalline Diamond Particles on Silicon Tips
4.3 Single Crystal Diamond Particle on Silicon Tip
4.4 Continuous Coating of Silicon Tip with Diamond Particles
4.5 Field Emission (Fowler-Nordheim) Plots for Diamond-Coated Silicon Tips
4.6 Sample of a Field Emission Display (Zelenograd)
4.7 FED Design at Krasnoyarsk
4.8 Cross Section Diagram of the EBSL Tube #1
4.9 Cross Section Diagram of the EBSL Tube #2

6.1 Flow of Resources and Decision Making in the Planned Economy of the FSU

7.1 Budgets of an FSU Institute

Published: December 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian