Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics has built electroluminescent (EL) displays for avionics applications in sizes as large as 15 cm x 15 cm. These monochrome displays have lifetimes of 10,000 hrs, and operate at 150 V and 1,200 Hz. A novel external filter allows the displays to be viewed in high ambient (100,000 lx) conditions.

The Kyyiv Scientific Research Institute for Microelectronic Technique and Materials in Ukraine is building ZnS:Mn (yellow) EL displays in sizes up to 140 mm x 140 mm with 256 x 256 pixels. These rugged displays are used in avionics applications, have lifetimes of 2,000 hrs, brightness >40 cd/m2, and a price of $60-70.

Thin-film EL structures are being researched at the Institute of Semiconductors at the Ukraine Academy of Sciences. Films of ZnS; ZnSe; ZnSMn, and others are being explored; recently the thin- film luminescent structure has been integrated with ferroelectric ceramics. The institute takes the position that EL technology will be limited to screen sizes of approx. 20 cm x 30 cm due to the high power consumption.

Published: December 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian