The nonemissive display technology in FSU is based on the LCD industry. The panelists were surprised to find out that this industry is not in an embryonic stage. There are at least three serious activities in AMLCDs employing a variety of technologies such as a-Si, p-Si, MIM, and pin diodes. Although no one is ready for volume manufacturing, each one of them is in early phases of pilot production, and Platan has acquired the equipment for an enlarged pilot line capable of processing 50,000 300 mm x 400 mm substrates per year.

The STN LCD industry is more mature than is the case with AMLCDs. The WTEC panelists saw samples with a resolution of 640 x 480 lines.

Naturally, the political events of recent last years have had an impact on the LCD industry. It is obvious that the plants need capital, and in the best case they are operated at a fraction of full capacity. The people that the panel members visited are eager for joint ventures, technical collaboration, capital infusion, and so forth. By combining the excellent scientific and technical knowledge in LC materials, LCD equipment, color filter materials, and so forth, with the right investment, LCDs from the FSU could become a serious factor in the world flat panel display industry.

Published: December 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian