Site: Planar
2 Partisansky Av.
220762 Minsk

Date Visited: October 26, 1993

Report Authors: Z. Yaniv J.W. Doane



J.W. Doane
Z. Yaniv


Anatoly M. Rusetsky

President of Planar
Telephone: 217-211
Fax: 212-407

Vasily A. Zenkovich

Vice President, Technical Director
Telephone: 217-720
Fax: 212-407

Dr. Jacob A. Reichman

Head of the Aligners (Electro- optics) Dept.
Telephone: 217-729
Fax: 212-407


Planar has been a leading equipment maker for the microelectric industry for over thirty years. At its peak Planar employed over 2,000 skilled engineers.

Planar is producing and developing equipment such as the following:

Planar possesses a large R&D department. The WTEC team was impressed by its electro-optical division (Head, Dr. Jacob Reichman), which is able to execute high accuracy optical measurements, high resolution optics, various optical coatings, and so forth.

Planar has six specialized factories equipped with advanced computer controlled and robotic machines, assembly, and inspection systems.


Today Planar's market is divided into microelectronics (ICs) and LCDs (both passive and active). For LCDs, the company has developed and shipped the following:

Mr. Vasily Zenkovich, Planar's Vice President, claims that the company has led the FSU in these areas:

Planar's scientists readapted a 6" photolitho equipment to 6" x 6" for glass both in proximity (without any contact with the wafer) and projection. This equipment is used by Integral for its 6" MIM LCD. The stepper steps an area of 20 mm x 20 mm, using a 5:1 lens and pelletized masks.

It is significant that Planar has developed a 400 mm x 300 mm stepper for LCDs (similar to Nikon's) with a 3" x 3" step. The company does not currently use a variable diaphragm for the LCD, but is developing one. During the visit to Platan (Moscow), the team's hosts confirmed that the stepper for LCDs had been delivered from Planar. New catalogs were in production at the time of the WTEC team's visit, and were scheduled to be ready by February 1994.

The company also emphasizes assembly and probing equipment, such as the following:

Related to this, company representatives mentioned Quazar, a company in Kyyiv that makes Al leads and Cu leads on polyimide films.


The organizational structure of Planar is shown in Figure Planar.1. All hosts mentioned a high interest in collaboration with the United States for market penetration.


Planar was a very pleasant surprise. Since the number of companies specializing in LC and large steppers is limited outside Japan, Planar presents an interesting opportunity to supply equipment. Planar claims that its large stepper is as good as or better than Nikon's. The company's representatives are very interested in working with U.S. companies and exploiting their low cost to penetrate the market. In light of U.S. Display Consortium activities, enhancing relations with Planar would be beneficial.


The hosts provided the site report authors with additional documentation describing Planar's products and equipment.

Figure Planar.1. Planar organization and business.

Published: December 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian