Site: Pribor Company
2a, 17 Liniya
St. Petersburg 199034
Russian Federation

Date Visited: October 28, 1993

Report Author: E.C. Urban



J. Larimer
E.C. Urban


Yuri G. Strolyarov

Director, Chief Research Engineer

Yevgeny V. Golyatin

Chief Engineer


Pribor and Technical-Pribor were once subdivisions of a company called Sphera (Sfera) Enterprise. Pribor was the technology development subdivision, while Technical-Pribor was the manufacturing site. Funding for the organization was received from the State. After State funding stopped, the company dissolved. Sphera and Technical-Pribor no longer exist. Pribor Company is still in operation, and employs about 1,000 people. It is a system integrator that specializes in making flight recorder equipment, flight information measuring systems, and aircraft vibration control systems.

Pribor is a user of displays. It offers reduced rent for office and laboratory space to Piastr, but does not provide any research and development funding to Piastr. Pribor expects to use Piastr's display technology to visualize data collected from its information-gathering systems, and expects to have large (50- inch) displays in use for this purpose. The company is also interested in expanding its product lines in areas that can take advantage of Piastr's displays. Pribor has no competitors in Russia. While Pribor has some ideas about future products, the company admits that it does not know how to represent itself or its products to western companies.

Published: December 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian