Site: Russian Academy of Sciences
Institute for Analytical Instrumentation
Rizhsky Prospect, 26
198103, St. Petersburg
Russian Federation

Director: Professor Maxim A. Alexandrov
Dep. Director: Professor Igor A. Vodovatov
Telephone: (812) 251-8600
Fax: (812) 251-7038

Date Visited: October 28, 1993

Report Author: J. Larimer



J. Larimer
E.C. Urban


George M. Guryanov, Ph.D.
Kirill S. Lutsenko


The Institute for Analytical Instrumentation originally was a development and research division of the Science and Technology Corporation of the USSR Academy Sciences (NTO AN SSSR). NTO AN SSSR had three divisions: (1) a design group in St. Petersburg; (2) a manufacturing group located in Chernogolovka (Moscow District), Minsk (Belarus), and Lomonosov (St. Petersburg); and (3) a design group in Moscow. The manufacturing groups are no longer associated with the NTO AN SSSR, which disintegrated in 1991-1992. The design group in St. Petersburg was transformed into a number of small independent firms; the institute is now also independent, and belongs to the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The institute has five departments:

The WTEC team visited the Department of Spectroscopy and Surface Analysis. The department consists of four laboratories. The team also visited the Laboratory for Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy. In addition, team members saw a molecular beam epitaxy machine in operation. This machine was designed by the institute and SKB, AP, is manufactured by NTO AN SSSR, and has been offered for sale. No pricing information was given along with the information describing the machine.

The institute has formed an independent enterprise called SPIN, Ltd., intended for designing and manufacturing new original units for molecular beam epitaxy machines, STM devices, and so forth. SPIN can be contacted by writing Kirill S. Lutsenko at:

26, Rizhsky Prospect
St. Petersburg, Russia
(812) 251-4729 (Office)
(812) 251-7038 (Fax)
(812) 108-3242 (Home) (E-mail).


Organizational Description

Department for Spectroscopy and Surface Analysis

George M. Guryanov, Ph.D.
(812) 251-4729, 7377

Kirill S. Lutsenko
(812) 251-4729

a. Laboratory for Microelectronics Technologies

Research fields:

b. Laboratory of Electron Spectroscopy

Nikolai A. Holin, Ph.D.
(812) 251-6460

Research fields:

c. Laboratory for Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy

Alexander O. Golubok, Ph.D.
(812) 251-2605

Research fields:

d. Laboratory for Mossbauer Spectroscopy

Sobir M. Irkaev, Ph.D.
(812) 251-9055

Research fields:

Description of 1203 MBE System

This is a description of a molecular beam epitaxy machine that the Institute manufactures for sale.

Description of Mossbauer Spectrometers

This material consists of sales literature on a range of Mossbauer spectrometers manufactured for sale by the institute. In addition to eight models, there are also a range of options and accessories. No pricing information was included and each machine may be made to order.


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Published: December 1994; WTEC Hyper-Librarian