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WTEC Workshop on Digital Information Organization

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the United States government

Workshop Information

The WTEC Workshop on Digital Information Organization occurred on May 12, 1998. Viewgraphs from the presentations, given by the WTEC panel members and sponsors, are available.

The final report from this study will be posted on this server in its entirety later this year in html format. All recent WTEC reports are available on CD-ROM (html and higher resolution Acrobat formats). Some reports may also be found on Loyola's anonymous FTP server.All WTEC reports are available in hard copy.

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WTEC's panel of experts (chaired by Dean Raj Reddy of Carnegie-Mellon University) have just returned from a series of visits to major Japanese digital library research facilities, implementation projects, and companies that are developing enabling technologies for storage, retrieval, and utilization of digital information. Based on these visits and a prior literature review, this panel is studying the Japanese vision for digital libraries; the effects of intellectual property laws and commercial regulations on development, deployment, and utilization of digital information; the relationship between digital libraries and electronic commerce; trends in content-creation technologies; Japan government programs related to digital libraries; digital library operations in Japan; the development of enabling technologies for digital information storage and use; and the educational impact of digital libraries.

Highlights of the panel's recent visits in Japan include: a $10 million per year, 4 year national digital library project funded by MITI; image capture work at the National Ethnology Museum; virtual reality rendition of the Sistine Chapel at Toppan; virtual reality and video capture research at Keio University; advanced displays under development at NTT; and rare books being made available online at the National Diet Library and Keio University. The panel discussed these and other preliminary findings from this study at the May 12 workshop.

Additional information on this study, is available at http://itri.loyola.edu/digilibs/. A list of panelists and sites they visited in Japan is included below, along with the agenda for the May 12 workshop.

This study is one of a series of over 30 foreign technology assessments conducted over the past decade by WTEC, which is operated through a cooperative agreement between the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the International Technology Research Institute at Loyola College.

Thank you for your interest in WTEC.


Geoffrey M. Holdridge
WTEC Director

Raj Reddy (panel chair), CMU
Tryg Ager, IBM
Rama Chellappa, Univ. MD
Bruce Croft, U. Mass, Amherst
Beth Davis-Brown, Library of Congress
Jerry Mendel, USC
Michael Shamos, CMU

Japanese Sites Visited
Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR)National Diet Library
FujitsuNational Ethnology Museum
IBM JapanNTT-Yokosuka
Keio UniversityOMRON
Kyoto UniversityToppan Printing
MatsushitaTsukuba University Library
NACSISUniversity Library of Information Science
Nara Institute of Science and Technology

8:30Registration (Coffee & pastries provided)
9:00Introduction to WTEC (Shelton)
9:15Executive Summary (Reddy)
10:00Architecture (Ager)
10:30Text (Croft)
11:00Images (Chellappa)
11:30Cataloging (Davis-Brown)
12:00Lunch Break
1:00Education (Mendel/Goldberg)
1:30Economics, Intellectual Property (Shamos)
2:00U.S. Government Panel Discussion (Goldberg, Larsen et al.)
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13 May 1998; WTEC Hyper-Librarian