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WTEC Panel Report on

Digital Information Organization in Japan

Raj Reddy, Panel Chair
Tryg Ager
Rama Chellappa
W. Bruce Croft
Beth Davis-Brown
Jerry M. Mendel
Michael Ian Shamos

February 1999


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WTEC Staff
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Executive Summary

1. Introduction

R.D. Shelton

2. Global Digital Libraries: Building the Infrastructure

Raj Reddy

3. Education Using Digital Libraries

Jerry M. Mendel

4. Architecture and Systems

Tryg Ager

5. Text

Bruce Croft

6. Digital Image and Video Libraries: Acquisition, Retrieval and Rendering

Rama Chellappa

7. Cataloging and Metadata Creation in Digital Information Organization: Old Concepts, New Challenges

Beth Davis-Brown

8. Japanese Digital Information Policy, Intellectual Property and Economics

Michael Ian Shamos


A. Professional Experience of Panel Members

B. Professional Experience of Other Team Members

C. Site Reports


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