Tryg Ager


This chapter summarizes, compares, and evaluates the digital libraryarchitectures, systems and software components the WTEC team learned about inJapan. The baseline for comparison is a reference architecture derived from aset of core capabilities of digital libraries. The team was not charged toinvestigate digital library implementations in detail, so both architecture andsystems will be described from a general or reference model standpoint. Theteam did find, however, that the concept of digital library is frequentlyexplicit in Japan, both in the plans of technology providers, where numerouspoint solutions, components, and products were seen, and in operationalinformation management approaches in businesses, universities, and museums. TheWTEC teams found many different architectural approaches and system designs. Inthis chapter, a few examples are discussed in order to develop the generalfindings. Not all sites the WTEC panel visited are represented, but most of themain themes observed on the trip are covered. The sites that will be coveredare the following:

Published: February 1999; WTECHyper-Librarian