Jerry M.Mendel


Is there any one among us today who does not believe that education andlearning are lifelong pursuits? As one of our hosts in Japan commented "They[education and learning] will be the huge market for digital libraries whendistributed digital libraries and information work technologies are availableto content creators." Distributed digital libraries also have the potential torevolutionize education and learning, so there is a healthy symbioticrelationship among education and learning and digital libraries, a relationshipthat is in its infancy.

Upon returning to the United States, after visiting Japan as a member of theWTEC panel, this author undertook a modest literature search to learn moreabout U.S. efforts in education using digital libraries. It was found that alot is happening in the United States, whereas, based on the panel's trip toJapan, it seems that not as much is happening there. This chapter first reviewswhat is happening in education using digital libraries in the United States,after which the same is done for Japan. The chapter then draws someconclusions.

Published: February 1999; WTECHyper-Librarian