4.1 Notational architecture
4.2 Operational architecture
4.3 Technical architecture
4.4 Systems architecture
4.5 Operational concept: NAIST UniversityDigital Library
4.6 Systems concept: NAIST University DigitalLibrary
4.7 Nikkei operational concept
4.8 Paperless editing (PLES)
4.9 Newspaper production (ANNECS)
4.10 Wire services and databases (NEW NET andNEEDS)
4.11 New business based on organized digitalinformation
4.12 National Museum of Ethnology operationalconcept
4.13 National Museum of Ethnology systemsconcept
4.14 IBM Global Museum: operational concept
4.15 Fujitsu: concept
4.16 Reference model for basic architecture
4.17 Structure of messaging platform

5.1 IBM information outlining: search,extraction, categorization & abstraction

6.1 Digital image video library
6.2 Camera setup for scanning rare books
6.3 Functional diagram of ExSight (NTT)

Published: February 1999; WTECHyper-Librarian