1.1Composite Elements Available Commercially
1.2 Professional Organizations Involved in the Use of Composites in Civil Infrastructure

2.1 Comparison of Some Basic Properties
2.2 A Comparison of Some Short Fibers
2.3 Short Fiber Commercially Available in Japan
2.4 A Comparison of the Two Forms of DIALEAD
2.5 Comparison of Concrete and Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Concrete
2.6 Examples of the Use of Carbon Fiber in Construction

3.1 Roster of ACC Club Membership
3.2 Characteristics of Leadline Rods
3.3 Anchorage Details
3.4 Details of CFCC Elements Based on Resin Systems Available
3.5 Characteristics of CFCC Elements
3.6 Typical Characteristics of NACC Strand
3.7 Examples of the Use of Leadline
3.8 Examples of the use of CFCC
3.9 Types of Arapree Elements
3.10 Average Mechanical Properties of Individual Circular Twaron Tendons at 20oC
3.11 Examples of Application of Arapree Elements
3.12 Specifications for Standard FiBRA Elements
3.13 Sample Application Projects using FiBRA Elements
3.14 Specifications for Generic Technora Material
3.15 Characteristics of Typical Technora Elements
3.16 Characteristics of Multi-Rod Technora Combinations (Deformed Bars)
3.17 Examples of Projects Conducted using Technora Elements
3.18 Reinforcement Bar Details
3.19 Specification for Standard Grades of Glass Fiber Reinforced NESTEM Elements
3.20 Examples of Projects using NESTEM
3.21 Fiber Types used in NEFMAC
3.22 Specifications for Standard Varieties of NEFMAC
3.23 Early Applications of NEFMAC in Tunnel Construction
3.24 Use of NEFMAC
3.25 Comparison of Ground Anchor Systems
3.26 Examples of Application of Composite Ground Anchors
3.27 Characteristics of Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Rods and Cables
3.28 Sample Listing of NOMST Projects

4.1 Characteristics of FORCA Tow Sheet Systems
4.2 Characteristics of Replark Systems
4.3 Characteristics of Torayca Cloth
4.4 Overall Timeline
4.5 Examples of the Use of Torayca Cloth on Bridge Columns/Piers
4.6 Projects Completed Using Replark Sheet Material
4.7 Examples of the Use of Torayca Cloth
4.8 Examples of the use of FORCA Tow Sheet
4.9 Sample Listing of the Use of Tow Sheet in Repair/Retrofit of Tunnels
4.10 Examples of Seismic Retrofitting of Chimneys Using the Winding Process
4.11 Characteristics of Materials Used
4.12 Comparison of Stress Levels
4.13 Example Chimney Sites Using Tow Sheet
4.14 Examples of the Use of the FITS System in Chimneys and Smokestacks

Published: April 1999; WTEC Hyper- Librarian