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WTEC Panel Report on

Advanced Casting Technologies in Japan and Europe

Merton Flemings (Panel Chair)
Diran Apelian
Dennis Bertram
Wayne Hayden
Paul Mikkola
Thomas S. Piwonka

March 1997


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WTEC staff
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Executive Summary

1. Introduction

Merton Flemings

2. Melting and Handling

Diran Apelian

3. Japanese Research and Development on New Cast Alloys and Materials

H. Wayne Hayden

4. Metal Mold Casting

Diran Apelian

5. Japanese and European New Cast Product Development

Paul H. Mikkola

6. Specialized Sand Casting

Thomas S. Piwonka

7. Japanese Investment Casting Technology

Thomas S. Piwonka

8. Advances in Manufacturing and Processing

Dennis Bertram

9. Employment, Environment and Energy Issues

Thomas S. Piwonka


A. Professional Experience of Panel Members and Other Team Members

B. Japanese Site Reports

C. European Site Reports

D. Glossary

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Published: March 1997; WTEC Hyper-Librarian