Site:               Daiki Aluminum Industry
                    R&D Department
                    3-46 Minami-Kyohoji
                    Yao-shi Osaka 581, Japan

Date Visited:       January 12, 1996

WTEC Attendees:     P.H. Mikkola (report author), M.C. Flemings, C. Uyehara

Hosts:              Ryutaro Yamamoto, Managing Director
                    Takao Susuki, General Manager, R&D Department
                    Osamu Yamashita, Assistant General Manager, R&D Department


Daiki Aluminum Industry is the largest and oldest supplier of secondary aluminum in Japan. Producing about 160,000 tons per year, this company serves the die casting industry, the casting industry, and other related aluminum secondary users. It operates four plants in Japan and has headquarters and laboratory facilities in Osaka. Daiki also has subsidiary companies in the United States, Malaysia, and Japan.


Daiki Aluminum does not do basic research but does monitor technology in the area of secondary aluminum and alloys. It is a full-service supplier to its customers by providing technical services to help them achieve quality and production requirements. Their major efforts with customers are to reduce costs and investigate defects in castings.

Daiki uses its technical staff and on-site equipment at its labs to do customer service. When customers request work, Daiki uses a work sheet for investigating this information, plus casting samples are sent to Daiki R&D for investigation. The technical staff then prepares a technical report that is returned to the customer; staff members also solve problems on site. The technical service group handles about 200 requests per year. Hard spots, inferior machinability, and castability were the leading matters of concern in 1994 and 1995.


The WTEC team did not tour the manufacturing plants, of which there are four in varied locations around Japan. These plants use varied techniques of melting secondary aluminum: open well furnaces melt the major volume, but rotary and induction furnaces are also used.


Daiki Aluminum Industry and its managers are spokesmen in the area of secondary aluminum in Japan. They have signed a technical services agreement with Alchem in the United States for which Daiki will supply the technical know-how. Secondary aluminum is the major source of metal for the casting industry in both the United States and Japan. The company is working to assure technology is applied to the recycling industry and to preserve the global environment and resources.


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Published: March 1997; WTEC Hyper-Librarian