The focus in the School of Agricultural Sciences of Nagoya University is on the study of the utilization of natural products. Dr. Masahiko Okada's group consists of one associate professor, two assistant professors, one secretary, one doctoral student, ten master's degree students, and five undergraduate students. Dr. Okada obtains funding from the Ministry of Education through the university, and an equivalent amount from companies. Some funding also comes from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) and private organizations and foundations to which proposals for grants are submitted. In the case of funding support from companies, the company obtains patent rights to inventions. The major focus of Dr. Okada's research is on synthetic polymer chemistry approaches to novel polymers for medical applications.

Dr. H. Kimura's group consists of an associate professor, one assistant professor, one doctoral student, seven master's degree students, seven undergraduate students, and four foreign research associates or doctoral students (one from France, two from China, and one from Korea). His funding comes from four main sources: (1) the Ministry of Education, which provides core government funding to the university (no proposals are required); (2) proposals submitted to the Ministry of Education; (3) private foundations to which proposals are submitted; and (4) the Biodegradable Polymer Society and related associations and companies.


Published: March 1995; WTEC Hyper-Librarian