The Department of Polymer Science and Engineering at Kyoto Institute of Technology has 17 professors. Each professor's research group has one associate and one assistant professor. The department accepts approximately 150 undergraduate students and 50 to 60 graduate students per year. Professor Yoshiharu Kimura usually has 7 graduate students (5 in MS degree programs and 2 in Ph.D. programs) and 11 undergraduates in his research group. The MS and Ph.D. programs are separate academic programs with separate curricula. The MS is a two-year program; the Ph.D. is a three-year program. The department usually graduates 5 to 10 Ph.D.s, 50 MS students, and 100 undergraduates per year. All receive offers for positions in industry.

The Department of Chemistry and Materials Technology accepts 145 undergraduates, 50 MS students, and 8 to 10 Ph.D. students per year. Professor Nariyoshi Kawabata has 9 undergraduates, 9 MS students, and 3 Ph.D. students in his research group.


Published: March 1995; WTEC Hyper-Librarian