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With more than 550 products, Kao Corporation is the largest manufacturer of household products in Japan. Founded in 1887, the consumer-oriented company has established a reputation as a quality producer of chemicals, including fatty chemicals, edible oils, detergents, household products, cosmetics, aural products, sanitary products, and food additives. Kao is also a leader in the manufacture of floppy disks and other communication/information technologies. The corporation, which is committed to bringing quality products to consumers around the world, has operations in twenty-five countries in Asia, North America, and Europe.

Kao Corporation maintains a commitment to service, quality, and consumer satisfaction through the implementation of three fundamental principles:

Commitment to consumers, who are Kao's most valued asset, and their satisfaction is Kao's primary goal. A commitment to providing consumers with useful innovative products that answer actual needs guides all of Kao's corporate decisions.

Equality and inherent dignity of all people is Kao's stressed corporate philosophy. The company emphasizes open communication and the sharing of ideas to improve performance to better serve the consumer.

Wisdom is gained through experience and maintained through continuing effort. Kao pays close attention to the increasingly diverse market to gain a clearer understanding of consumer needs and how to satisfy them.

Kao is consumer-oriented and environmentally conscious (the company is well-versed in the requirements for the environmental biodegradation of detergent ingredients). The corporation has thoroughly researched the impact of the environmental issues surrounding its large-volume packaging use and consumer products. Regarding its near-term goals in the area of the waste-management of plastic and polymers, Kao has concluded the following:


Published: March 1995; WTEC Hyper-Librarian