Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. has a Central Research Institute (CRI), six divisional laboratories, an engineering laboratory, and an Image and Information Research Laboratory. The company also has a software division and a division in Denmark for the manufacture of TV projection screens. The division laboratories are concerned with the development of new processes, new materials, and new machines for: (1) packaging materials, (2) information media, (3) business forms, (4) materials development, and (5) microprocessing. New research and development programs are initiated on the basis of market needs that can be supplied by technologies available in one of the company's divisions.

The Central Research Institute has approximately 200 people, and is responsible for initiating and developing technologies for new products. CRI has R&D programs on: (1) electronic display devices; (2) optoelectronics; (3) information imaging; (4) biochemistry (blood test strips for sugar and proteins); (5) functional materials and process innovation; and (6) analysis.


Published: March 1995; WTEC Hyper-Librarian